Landscape Itinerary 6

Dry stone landscapes

Approximate time

3-4 h.


8.80 km.

Type of route


Accumulated slope

312 m.

Average ascending slope


Average descending slope


Dry stone techniques have been used since time immemorial and are considered by UNESCO as part of the intangible heritage of humanity. Although the most recognizable in the territory are the walls that one by one come to build magnificent landscapes on the slopes, the terraces of our mountains, there are other forms that are also worthy of admiration, such as its use in the construction of roads, shelters and buildings. Matet treasures some of these expressions, so a visit to them is practically obligatory. Along the route the different types of constructions will be recognized, starting with the systems of terraces in dry land and irrigated meadows, to also pass through some paths and shelters. Not only will we look at these examples, but we will also pay attention to the techniques used, the construction styles and the problem of their survival.

01 Irrigated cultivation terraces

02 Shelter

03 Structure of terraces: junctionscorners, intermediate terraces

04 Access between terraces

05 Two-storey house

06 Small cistern

07 Stone pavement on the old Segorbe way

08 Shed with a manger

09 Good terrace maintenance and conservation

10 Extensive terraced landscapes

Recursos paisajísticos

Traditional agricultural landscapes

Traditional agriculture


Historic roads