Landscape Itinerary 4

Landscape adapted to intellectually disabled people

Approximate time

4 h.


7 km.

Type of itinerary


Accumulated slope

228 m.

Average ascending slope


Average descending slope


The Universal Landscape idea implies approaching the landscape in such a way that it allows the participation and enjoyment of all people, including those who have certain limitations, such as intellectual disability.

The municipal territory of Matet has a good number of landscaping attractions to be admired by all, albeit not exempt from some barriers that limit their universal enjoyment. These barriers are not insurmountable because they only require adaptation so that these access, participation and enjoyment objectives are met for all.

Consequently, Matet’s landscape becomes universal as it is adapted
to intellectually disabled people’s needs and requirements who, along a walk that is approximately 7 km long, can enjoy its agricultural, and also its urban landscape.

01 “El Molino” (flour mill)

02 Rambla del Perrudo

03 The cultivated landscape in terraces

04 Mountains – vegetation

05 Water supply for irrigation purposes

06 Sediments on the Rambla del Perrudo

07 La fuente (spring) que Nace

08 Rain-fed crops – Olive trees

09 The town of Matet

Recursos paisajísticos


The natural landscape
The townof Matet