Landscape itinerary 1

From place to place
on historical roads

Approximate time

4-5 h.


9.60 km.

Type of route


Accumulated elevation gain

359 m.

Average ascending slope


Average descending slope


In the municipal area of Matet there are still recognizable roads and paths that were built in time immemorial and that led to all places, near or far. Some brought the population closer to the usual places where daily tasks were carried out, these being the cultivation of the fields, the extraction of firewood and coals, the manufacture of lime or hunting.

The experience proposed with this itinerary is based on the reconstruction of the ancient roads, from more than a hundred years ago, to relate them to the landscapes that existed at that time and the names that those places had.

Along its route, the constructive characteristics of the roads, their distribution in the territory, their relationship with other road systems that allowed an extensive and greater communication network that connected with other populations and places will be put in context, also analyzing the survival of some of them.

01 La fuente (spring) que Nace

02 “Burros” fountain

03. Culato spring and house

04 Carro ice well

05 New corral

06. Del Marqués corral

07 Carro fountain and corral

08 Old cobblestone road (Carro way)

09. New pond (“Navajo”) in clay

10. Jauca corral

Ancient roads and ways

Extensive livestock farming


Traditional agricultural landscapes