Landscape itineraries

Considering the environmental, landscape and heritage diversity that Matet has, six Landscape Itineraries or thematic routes are proposed. The first of these is dedicated to the historical system of roads and paths; the second, to the natural landscapes of the municipality; the third to defensive and surveillance structures; the fourth, to the adaptation of the landscape for people with intellectual disabilities, understood as a universal resource that can be appreciated by all; the fifth, to the elements of cultural heritage (booths, corrals, ditches, cisterns, fountains, ponds…); and the sixth, to dry stone structures and landscapes.

It also includes two more itineraries that allow you to expand your knowledge of the surroundings of Matet and access the neighboring towns of Gaibiel and Algimia de Almonacid.

Landscape Itinerary 1:

From place to place on historical roads

Landscape Itinerary 4:

Landscape adapted to intellectually disabled people

Landscape Itinerary 7:

Our neighbors: from Matet to Gaibiel

Landscape Itinerary 2:

Matet’s natural heritage

Landscape Itinerary 5:

Matet’s cultural heritage

Landscape Itinerary 8:

Our neighbors: from Matet to Algimia de Almonacid

Landscape Itinerary 3:

Defensive and Observation systems in Matet

Landscape Itinerary 6:

Dry stone landscapes

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