Landscape itinerary 5

cultural heritage

Approximate time

3-4 h.


8.40 km.

Type of route


Accumulated slope

240 m.

Average ascending slope


Average descending slope


Matet has a rich varied cultural heritage. The Church, the Santa Bárbara Hermitage, the el Pilón watchtower and the urban area stand out, showing the population’s Muslim past.

It is also worth noting the large sample of modest, but necessary, constructions for its inhabitants to perform daily tasks in the surrounding fields and mountains. Houses, huts and shelters for agriculture, elements related to water use (small dams, ditches, ponds, pools, springs), corrals and hay huts for maintaining extensive livestock, flour mills and oil mills for producing oil and flour, and even, ice wells for making ice, are some examples of this varied cultural heritage that is still present in the municipality.

The itinerary is a journey through this diversity of elements that relates them to the different activities performed by the population, regardless of them being daily or less common ones.

01 Dam, the start of the traditional Rambla del Perrudo irrigation system

02 “El Molino” (flour mill)

03 Small house shelter

04 Reconstructed hut as a hunter’s refuge

05 Water catchment structure with several cisterns

06 “La Noria” house

07 Farmhouse

08 Laundry place of the ·El Pueblo irrigation channel

09 Heritage complex, Assets of Cultural Interest

10 Corrals and hay huts

11 El Pilón watchtower

Recursos paisajísticos

La fuente (spring) que Nace irrigation Channel

Scattered cultural heritage of open spaces

Cultural heritage in the town of Matet