Landscape Itinerary 2

Matet’s natural heritage

Approximate time

4-5 h.


9.60 km.

Type of route


Accumulated ascending slope

372 m.

Average ascending slope


Average descending slope


Located in the heart of the Sierra de Espadán Mountains, Matet has, apart from its traditional cultural landscapes, a rich natural heritage that can be seen everywhere. The itinerary built around Matet’s natural heritage explores its most characteristic aspects, including the most visible dominant structures of that heritage, as well as singular elements that are sometimes less visible, but all mixed throughout the route and can be found in larger structures.

The itinerary built around the natural heritage of Matet unravels its most characteristic aspects, mixing along its route both the most visible dominant structures of this heritage, as well as the singular elements, sometimes less visible, that occur within it.


01 Use of surface runoff – Small pond – “navajo”
02 Vegetation formations – Cork oak forest
03. Vegetation and sun exposure – shaded and sunny hillslopes
04 Mountain pass – Col. From the southern slope to the northern slope South slope to north slope transition
05 Vegetation formations – Carrascales (oak tree formation)
06. Forest soils
07 Vegetation formations – pine forests
08 River deposits and water storage
09. Cliff – River Canyon
10.River bed modelling

Recursos paisajísticos

River landscapes and water

Mountains and their vegetation