Cultural offerings

Fetivals in Matet

January 5:
kings parade
January 15 and 16:
San Antonio Abad
January 17:
local holiday
April 25:
local holiday
June 24, 25 and 26:
San Juan Bautista,
patron saint of the municipality
August 5 to 21:
patron saint festivities,
Virgin of the Assumption and of the Rosary
October 1 and 2:
Virgin of the Rosary,
patron saint of the municipality

Get to know our municipality-activities

February 12:
villages of the N.P.
Pavías to Higueras
13 March:
our neighbors: Matet to Villamalur

April 9:
in search of the XYZ line
15 May:
in search of the lost booth
June 5:
villages of the N.P.Villamalur to Torralba
July 10:
gastronomic journey, Moorish flavors
September 11:
villages of the N.P.Torralba to Higueras
October 15:
our neighbors, Matet to Vall de Almonacid
November 13:
Mate’s natural heritage